Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Semi-Formal Summer Event

This outfit is such a great look on men with dark hair, the dark hair just gives it a POP! I don't think someone with lighter hair could really pull it off. This is a great outfit for men if you have an outdoor slightly formal summer event that you have to go to! I feel like there is a lot of detail that went into this outfit. If you notice theres some layer action going on in the shirt he's wearing. I really am into the color and pattern on his belt! It works so perfectly with the colors he is wearing! Those jeans are the perfect fit, not to fitting not to loose. I also like how the jeans are rolled. Also the color of those jeans can be really hard to find, so guys when you see them don't pass up an opportunity to buy them! The shoes he has on are also amazing, you can pair them with many outfits because of their coloring and the come in many different designs. Modeling for The Teen Style!

Summer Bohemian Casual

So I think this is sou cute! I LOVE the jumber! It looks very lightweight and is the perfect color for summer! I am not however a huge fan of her belt or head band. I do love the rings she is wearing and the cuffs on the left. HER SHOES! WOW! Stunning! They are so perfect for summer and even to wear into the fall season! They won't look good on you however if you have shorter legs these are definitely meant for girls with longer legs because they "cut off" some of your leg.  The model is modeling for Free People through The Teen Style!

Urban Casual

I absolutely love this look on men. It's very casual but has an urban twist. The messenger bag is so amazing. You could easily use it with other outfits with jeans and it would look GREAT! The tribal bracelets are the perfect accessory! I am so glad they are making a big come back with the guys! And did I mention that shirt?! Wow! It looks so comfy, soft and very stylish! Great top for guys!